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New Charter

"Stressing the importance..."

To meet the challenges of tomorrow within post tensioning and within the construction sector in general PTA has launched the new charter for 2015 of Stressing the importance...

Health and safety is absolutely the number one priority for PTA members and we believe that the goal of zero accidents within post tensioning is real and achievable. To promote this goal we are using the Stressing the importance charter in two ways;

“Stressing the importance of safety through competence”

Post tensioning is a skilled technique and has all the hazards associated with any on site trade. PTA has a number of activities and developments to raise training standards and also consistency of training tools and techniques throughout the industry that are being driven by this charter.

“Stressing the importance of safety through behaviour”

Training is one part of safety but action is the other. Through our initiatives such as increased near miss reporting, PTA is hoping to encourage an interdependent safety culture on site where everybody puts safety first as well as looking out for each others safety. It is through safe behaviour on site that zero accidents will inevitably be achieved.

“Stressing the importance of safety through design”

Design of post tensioned structures can be complex and difficult for even the most experienced designers. Through our technical sub committee we are championing a number of activities, such as a model design specification to help the wider industry understand the PT design process and to also help drive towards standardisation of design protocols.

“Stressing the importance of Sustainable construction”

PTA believes in the governments 2025 strategy for construction and our members are embracing the challenges that this makes on today’s tools and techniques. Post tensioning has a great story to tell in terms of environmental credentials but PTA members are taking this further by actively challenging existing tools and techniques

New Chairman of PTA Andrew Garton commented “I am personally very excited by the Stressing the Importance charter as it gives PTA members and sub committees clear focus on topics that are not only essential in post tensioning but also for the whole construction sector. With our members' commitment to this charter we are able to channel all activities to make sure we are delivering against these key initiatives”

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