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New look for 2015

A New Look for 2015! PTA is pleased to announce the launch of its new website for 2015 and beyond.

PTA’s previous website was hosted by the concrete centre and whilst we are grateful for the years we have worked together the time has come for us to stand alone on the internet!

We have worked hard on our website design to try and promote the benefits of post tensioning as a construction technique.

Our call to action buttons for engineers, contractors, developers and architect on the home page are specifically designed for users to find this information that is relevant to their interest as easily as possible.

Our case studies showcase some of the best post tensioning works from our members and our awards section will show you the best of these works as voted by our members on an annual basis.

You can learn all about the post tensioning association from our home and about page and our news page should keep you up to date with the latest developments in the exciting world of post tensioning.

All of our members are listed on our website with full contact details and you can contact PTA directly by either contacting our chairman directly or through our on line form.

These are very exciting times for PTA and we would like to thank Keydata Solutions Ltd for their help in this development process.

Thank you for visiting our new website and please contact us directly with all your post tensioning questions.

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