The Post Tensioning Association

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The Post Tensioning Association

How can Post Tensioning help you?


Post tensioning offers an effective and flexible solution in engineering design in the construction, remedial and demolition phases.


Contractors can achieve increased speed of construction and reduced costs by using post tensioning to reduce materials required on site


Reduced material requirements and subsequent lower floor depths ensures developers get the lowest cost solution for their builds


Post tensioning allows architects to deliver their vision by offering fewer restrictions when compared to other off site techniques.

Welcome to the Post Tensioning Association

The objectives of the Association are as follows:
  • To promote the use of post-tensioning in buildings, bridges, silos and tanks, ground floor slabs and other structural types throughout the UK construction industry.
  • To promote best practice in the design, procurement and execution of post-tensioned structures.
  • To support and take part in research and development to improve the efficiency and technical capabilities of post-tensioning.
  • To support high quality in PT construction through the CARES QA scheme and other relevant bodies.
  • To support safe working practices throughout the UK PT industry and to maintain high levels of training.
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