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A Message from the New Chairman

Andrew Garton of Bridon International. New Chairman of the Post Tensioning Association

It is a great honour for me personally and for Bridon International to have been elected by the members to Chair the PTA and I am greatly looking forward to the challenge for the next 2 years of my term.

Firstly I would like to personally thank Suren Nadarajah as the previous chairman for the work he completed and hope to continue with the re organisation process that he started to make sure that PTA is best positioned and best structured to continue to build on the great work PTA has already done.

Post tensioning is a trusted, established and sustainable construction technique and has many benefits in its application. Post tensioning contractors are one of the only on site trades to have a UKAS accredited quality assurance in the form of the UKCARES scheme and this enables post tensioning clients to have 100% confidence in the quality and delivery of post tensioned structures.

With our re organisation last year into a tiered organisation comprising of three sub committees we are now better placed to address the issues of today as well as being focused on the challenges of tomorrow.

There are a lot of exciting developments within PTA sub committees that are being driven by our Stressing the Importance charter, I look forward to sharing them all with you over the coming months as the New Chairman of the Post Tensioning Association.

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