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Post-tensioning Association Technical Guidance

Sustainable construction with post-tensioned slabs

Environmental impact and sustainability have now become global issues. As a result, they are increasingly becoming a deciding factor in commercial decisions for the construction industry. This guidance note informs engineers, contractors and developers of some of the main factors when assessing the environmental impact of post-tensioned structural frames for buildings and demonstrates the savings that can be made when opting for a post-tensioned concrete frame.

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Procurement of post-tensioned slabs

This guide is intended to enable those involved in the procurement of post-tensioned slabs in buildings to ensure that a quality product is constructed. It provides background information on post-tensioning and explains why it is important to make certain that specialist post-tensioning contractors operate a quality assurance system and be certified by CARES.

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Concrete stress limits for PT slab design

This guidance note is intended for engineers engaged in the design and specification of post-tensioned slabs in building structures. It sets out the appropriate concrete stress limits which should be adopted in the design of such structures. The guide also explains the relative status and applicability of the 1st and 2nd editions of Concrete Society Technical Report 43(1).Concrete stress limits for PT slab design

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Post-Formed Holes Through Post-Tensioned Slabs

This is a guide for engineers, contractors and building owners to help them safely locate and cut penetrations through post-tensioned slabs, after the slab has been constructed. Both bonded and unbonded PT systems are considered. This guide is applicable to PT fl at slabs, PT beams and PT band beam slabs.

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